Our bakery

Fine baking traditions since 1974...

Working at a children´s nursery in Finland, Silja used to bake her own cakes and Swiss rolls and sometimes used to take some with her for the children to try. They just loved them. Fresh eggs were also easily available from a local poultry farm and Silja enjoyed writing her own cake recipes.

She took her home-baked cakes to local markets and spread the joy of baking. After some time, she was offered to take over a bakery that was closing down. The bakery was outdated but just what Silja needed to expand her business. After having modernised the bakery, she prepared more new recipes and developed the business. The whole family was involved. For Silja, it was important to ensure the quality by using fresh ingredients. Within soon, she started deliveries to stores throughout Finland.

By 1980, the business had expanded so much that Silja had to move to larger new premises. She was able to improve the efficiency of several difficult production tasks but continued to supervise the baking process with watchful eyes to ensure that the highest quality standards were met. Today, Laitilan Leipä is a modern bakery with fine baking traditions - maintaining high quality standards throughout the production.

The business is now run by Silja's son Mika and his family. Silja is retired but still helps out with the great Swiss rolls when the bakery needs an extra pair of hands.

With Laitila Leipä, home baking just reached a new dimension.